Humanity vs. Skynet! Terminator 4 at last!

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Finally, the fight we’ve all waited to see! Yahoo has the first teaser trailer up for Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins. John Connor (Christian Bale, continuing to expand his geek cred) leads the surviving humans in an effort to overthrow Skynet and save the remnants of humanity. Unfortunately, the Connors have changed the future with their meddling in the past and victory is no longer assured against the machines.
Reese’s flashbacks to the future (flash-forwards?) were some of my favorite parts of the first Terminator. They’ve also been a highlight of the Sarah Connor Chronicles. Now we get an entire movie set post-Judgement Day? I’m all about it!

McG is directing, let’s hope he makes up for that Charlie’s Angels sequel with this one.His blog makes it sound pretty promising though! May 22, 2009, I guess I’ll have a reason to live after Watchmen (new trailer here as well!) comes out after all….

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