Hopkins creeps out, Statham shoots up


Based on true events, The Rite follows Michael Kovak, an American seminary student, to Rome, where he undergoes exorcism education. Michael soon finds himself under the tutelage of Father Lucas Trevant (Anthony Hopkins) and discovers far more about himself and Father Trevant than he anticipated. The Rite manages to keep a wonderfully creepy tone throughout the movie, due in large part to Hopkins’ Hannibal Lecter-esque performance. Unfortunately, the film’s final act inadequately ties together the many loose plot threads and falls back on horror/thriller cliches. Hopkins lifts The Rite above most other exorcist-genre films; however, lazy writing kept the movie from matching Hopkins’ caliber. Read the full review here.

A remake of the Charles Bronson 1972 movie, The Mechanic stars Jason Statham and Ben Foster as Arthur Bishop and his protege, Steve. When Arthur’s latest assassination hits a little too close to home, he decides to enlist some help from a young wild card, Steve, a man who has a stronger connection to Arthur’s life than he realizes. The action is over-the-top, but refreshingly so. The Mechanic never tries to be anything it’s not, keeping the action coming strong without bogging down the movie with a complicated plot. Unfortunately, some horrible editing and an unrelatable main character mar this otherwise straightforward action flick. Read the full review here.

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