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Still shopping? What’s wrong with you? Never fear! We’ve compiled some suggestions for the naughty nerds at the bottom of your holiday shopping list. Prepare for another installment of … Gifts for the Geeky!

Doctor Who: The Complete Fifth Series: Give the sci-fi fan in your life Matt Smith’s first season as the regenerated Time Lord who travels around the universe in a time machine disguised as a police box. Includes tons of fun extras. $80 DVD, $90 Blu-ray.

But the best gift a Doctor Who fan could get is to know that the annual Christmas special, for the first time ever, will finally air in the U.S. on Christmas Day, as it is meant to be. If they don’t have BBC America, hook them up with a Yuletide viewing party.

TRON: If you can find it, a great gift might be Disney’s TRON on DVD. It was released in 2002 as a 20th anniversary collectors edition, but it’s out of print — just as the highly anticipated sequel, TRON Legacy, hits theaters, of course. Finding a copy of the original would be great either to introduce somebody new to the series, or to give an old fan a nostalgic gift. But it likely won’t come cheap: Recent Amazon listings started at $65 in used condition.

Here are some other 2010 releases that belong in a well-rounded collection:

And, if your nerd is into self-loathing:

One I didn’t think of, suggested by Airlock Alpha columnist Ann Morris:

  • Dark Star: A 1974 sci-fi satire directed by John Carpenter. $10 or so if you’re lucky.

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