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Matthew McConaughey, Marisa Tomei and Ryan Phillippe star in The Lincoln Lawyer, based on Michael Connelly’s novel. McConaughey plays Mick Haller, a freelance lawyer who runs his business from the back seat of his Lincoln town car. Things get complicated when he takes on Louis Roulet’s (Phillippe) murder case and his past comes back to haunt him. McConaughey was great as Haller, his presence in the courtroom scenes very natural and entertaining. Phillippe took a drastic turn from his usual role, playing a character with many twists and turns. The mystery was well-layered and complex, helping The Lincoln Lawyer rise above similar legal thrillers. The movie’s persistent attempt to make the film “gritty” with odd camera work and lighting was more of a distraction than an asset, but in the end The Lincoln Lawyer deserves a positive verdict. Read the full review here.

Bradley Cooper, Abbie Cornish and Robert De Niro star in Limitless, based on the novel The Dark Fields by Alan Glynn. Eddie (Cooper) is a failing writer who has lost his girlfriend (Cornish) and is on the path to self destruction. But when he’s given the opportunity to take a revolutionary new drug, NZT, Eddie is able to unlock 100% of his brain power, transforming him into a powerful and successful man…but there are consequences. Or are there? The movie strives to show the negative side of meteoric success, but Limitless has too much fun showing Eddie as a successful, almost smug “hero” that it never fully explores the consequences of Eddie’s actions. This ultimately eliminates the plot thread that would have made this movie great – the human struggle to win against overwhelming odds. But when you have a drug that makes you “limitless” there’s not much of a struggle. The movie’s literary quality and stunning visuals (most noticeably in the hypnotizing opening sequence of a single camera shot through the streets of New York) help make Limitless a success…but with the concepts of human struggle and consequences missing from the final equation, it misses its true potential. Read the full review here.

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