DVDs for 9/18/07


Here’s a rundown of the sci-fi and fantasy picks out Sept. 18, 2007, on DVD:

This rockin’ DVD cover speaks for itself, but here’s a little info anyway. In BBC’s "Jekyll," James Nesbitt is uber creepy as the descendant of the infamous Dr. Jekyll. You guessed it: The curse of Mr. Hyde is alive and well in the 21st century. Gina Bellman (the hilariously self-obsessed Jane from "Coupling") stars as the good/bad doctor’s wife.

In "Stargate Atlantis: The Complete Third Season," the expedition must deal with the consequences of their actions gallavanting around the Pegasus Galaxy, and that means big changes for the future. They also learn a startling secret about their mortal enemy, the Wraith.

In "Smallville: The Complete Sixth Season," Clark Kent (Tom Welling) must clean up after the evil Zod’s possession of Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum) and protect Earth from various escapees from the Phantom Zone. And there’s more Lana L-angst. for Clark. Go figure. Also: Justice League, assemble!

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Scott Kirchhofer
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