‘Doctor Who’ Daleks named sci-fi’s greatest monsters

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The Daleks (BBC)

British sci-fi magazine SFX has published the results of a poll asking readers to name the greatest monsters in science fiction.

The results are interesting, to say the least. The list starts off OK, with the Daleks from Doctor Who leading the pack. But Lorne the demon lounge singer from Angel as No. 2? And Aslan, from The Chronicles of Narnia, a monster?

Looks like they have some strange ideas of what constitutes a monster across the pond. Take a look at the list and sound off in the comments section below!

  1. The Daleks – Doctor Who
  2. Lorne – Angel
  3. Aliens – Alien franchise
  4. Death – Discworld
  5. Gollum – The Lord Of The Rings
  6. The Shadows – Babylon 5
  7. Gizmo – Gremlins
  8. The Thing – The Thing
  9. Aslan – The Chronicles Of Narnia
  10. Predators – Predator franchise
  11. The Borg – Star Trek
  12. Pilot – Farscape
  13. The Cybermen – Doctor Who
  14. Godzilla – Godzilla
  15. Ludo – Labyrinth
  16. Pinhead – Hellraiser
  17. Nibbler – Futurama
  18. The Great Dragon – Merlin
  19. Frankenstein’s Monster – Frankenstein
  20. Slimer – Ghostbusters

Via Blastr and Amy Vernon

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