Disney announces Star Tours to reopen May 20

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Disney World President Meg Crofton announced yesterday (see video below) the re-Imagineered version of Star Tours: The Adventure Continues will open May 20, 2011 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida.

The new 3D storyline is set to take place between Episodes III and IV and features a redesigned starspeeder and both new and familiar droid pilots.

The bumbling tour guide “Rex,” who has been apologizing for his unexpected detours and rough landings, blaming the fact that it’s his first flight and he’s still getting used to his programming since 1989, has been replaced by the well-known C-3PO and introduces AC-38, or “Ace.”

Another new face is  Star Tours spokesbot Aly San San. No details have been confirmed on where in the Star Wars galaxy the journey will take its passengers, although video and images released by Disney suggest the starspeeder may participate in a podrace on the Mos Espa circuit on Tatooine.


Opening dates for the Disneyland attraction in California have not yet been released.

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