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We’ve only just be-nun to fright: Habit-forming Conjuring 2 demon Valak gets spinoff

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Conjuring demon nun ValakHow do you solve a problem like “no new ideas?”

You don’t! You spin off old ones. Old, creepy, demon nun ones that are insanely popular for some reason.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Conjuring 2 co-writer David Leslie Johnson is being brought back along with Conjuring 1 and 2 director James Wan and producer Peter Safran to give the breakout demonic nun character its own spinoff movie.

THR goes on to detail how The Conjuring 2’s villain was originally some plain old horny demon, but the director was having nun of that, so changes were made late in the film’s production to introduce everyone’s new favorite twisted sister. The unorthodox move has certainly vowed audiences, amirite?

Sorry. I know, I have much to atone for.

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