CommBadge: Get in touch with the future of hands-free communication

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We love our smartphones and how they’ve surpassed the 23rd century communicator prophesied in the original Star Trek – but when do we get to tap our chest and instantly speak to distant friends a la the 24th century Starfleet combadge that followed in Star Trek: The Next Generation?

A project raising funds through IndieGogo is trying to bridge this devoid with the CommBadge, a “personal communicator for iPhone and Android.” The device promises hands-free access to those phones’ Siri and Google Now services to let you send messages, schedule meetings, place calls and more, all through a simple Bluetooth “speakerphone” that clips to your shirt or jacket, or hangs from the same lanyard that holds your workplace access badge and I.D. card.

As of Sunday, with 19 days left in the funding campagin, CommBadge has raised more than $17,000 of its flexible $100,000 goal. (See the widget below for up-to-date status.) Contributions above $75 will get you one CommBadge unit on release.

So … what are you waiting for? Make it so!

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