Can’t wait 3 years for ‘The Hobbit’?

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On Sunday, the internet witnessed the release of ‘The Hunt for Gollum.’ It’s not Peter Jackson or even Guillermo del Toro, but if you’re jonesing for another trip to Middle Earth, it’ll do nicely. The short movie follows events briefly mentioned in ‘Fellowship of the Ring.’ We see how the ranger Strider tracked and captured Gollum after his escape from the dungeons of Mordor.

The 40-minute film is the work of a group of fan filmmakers who have spent the past two years working on it. They are unaffiliated with the Tolkien estate and have released the movie completely free. All things considered, it’s very impressive and quite well done. It’s certainly worth watching, if only to see what a dedicated group of fans can do. It makes you wonder how Hollywood gets it wrong so often.

This is why I love being a geek. Geeks are a passionate breed, no one has ever denied that. Unfortunately, those emotions are all too often channeled into the dark side, focusing on the minutia of their chosen field. We spend too much time asking “Who’s faster? Superman or the Flash?”, “Who’d win in a fight, Captain America or Batman?” or “Why doesn’t Chewbacca get a medal in the ceremony at the end of Star Wars?”. Occasionally, we’re able to bypass our baser instincts and put our nerd-energy into doing something useful/cool and when that happens it’s a beautiful thing. I remember when five-minute fan-made trailers were the epitome of cool. Now we’re at the point where fans almost stand alongside professional filmmakers. This truly is a golden age for geekery.

(Oh, and Flash whips Supes’ butt; depends on which continuity – 616 or “real” Marvel Universe Cap loses to Batman, but Ultimate Cap beats him, but even he loses to the Dark Knight; and because the Rebels are a bunch of haters.)

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