Campbell gains screentime in ‘Spider-Man 4’

Bruce Campbell (AP)

There’s good news for fans of actor, author and all-around geek icon Bruce Campbell (“Army of Darkness”, “Bubba-Ho-Tep”). In a recent interview with Access Hollywood, he mentioned that Spider-Man 4 begins shooting in January and that he will have a “major part” in the film. Exactly what his role will be remains uncertain.

Campbell has certainly earned the role. He’s already staked out his place in Spider-Man’s cinematic world with notable cameos in all three of the web-slinger’s films to date. Spider-Man director Sam Raimi is a big fan of the actor. The two of them have worked together several times, going all the way back to 1981’s cult classic “Evil Dead.”

It may not sell many  more tickets, but fans are sure to agree, whatever his role, more of Campbell can only be a good thing.

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