Both Green Lantern flicks making progress

To help tide us over until Green Lantern hits the big-screen, we’ve got the animated version, Green Lantern: First Flight. It’s scheduled to hit stores this summer and DC Universe has recently released a trailer for it.

There’s even some news on the live-action GL front. The Hollywood Reporter announced the movie is headed to Sydney, Australia to shoot in November. Filmmakers are hoping to take advantage of a weakening Australian dollar and a 15% government subsidy provided by the Aussies. Pre-production on the 150 million dollar film is scheduled to begin this summer, with a planned release date of December 2010.

Casino Royale director Martin Campbell will be directing the film. Casting still remains a mystery; though Chris Pine, Captain James Kirk in the upcoming Star Trek movie, is rumored to be in the running for the lead Lantern position.

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