A behind-the-scenes look at The Last Jedi: ‘It’s about family …’

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The Last Jedi Leia poster‘ … and that’s what’s so powerful about it.’

So says Carrie Fisher in the new D23 behind-the-scenes reel for Star Wars: Episode VIII — The Last Jedi, opening Dec. 15.

Fisher was honored at D23 Expo, Disney’s official fan club mega-event, as a “Disney Legend” along with co-star and screen Skywalker sibling Mark Hamill. And legends they are.

Episode VIII will mark the last time we see Rebel princess and Resistance general Leia Organa (the actress died late last year), but her presence still looms large over the Star Wars family — just try getting through this behind-the-scenes look at The Last Jedi, or seeing her iconic new character poster without tearing up a bit.

Go on. I’ll give you a moment.

This is our most in-depth look yet at the world of The Last Jedi after Star Wars Celebration Orlando and Vanity Fair’s revealing coverage.

Looking beyond this behind-the-scenes look at The Last Jedi, there are also great character posters (aka my next phone wallpapers) for Daisy Ridley’s Rey (gripping the Skywalker lightsaber, which is clearly now hers by right, one way or another) and John Boyega’s Finn — all, as Leia, decked out in blood red, which seems to be the overriding theme for The Last Jedi.

And then there’s this:

As Fisher said: “It’s about family.” Bloodlines.

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