What is Volkswagen’s new Star Wars-themed ad barking at?

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Volkswagen is at it again, channeling the Force for what will no doubt be another epic Super Bowl commercial.

Last year, an ad spot featuring a young and very frustrated Darth Vader and his iconic theme music took the world by storm. This year, the car company is teasing us with a presentation of the Imperial March (Darth Vader’s theme) barked out by a chorus of costumed canines.

You can even invite your friends to a Super Bowl party by creating a customized version of the Star Wars “opening crawl.”

The video, called “The Bark Side,” aired during ABC’s The Middle on Jan. 18. As for the actual content of the 60-second ad spot on a game day that’s known for outrageous commercials, Volkswagen representatives will only say this:

Note, this video is not part of the actual 60-second spot that will be aired during the game. The Bark Side teaser was created to hint toward some of the exciting elements and characters that will be in the Super Bowl spot.

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