Austria hungry for ‘Conan’

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Roland KickingerA bodybuilder-turned-actor from Austria appears to have been cast in the lead role of Lionsgate’s upcoming Conan the Barbarian film based on the stories by Robert E. Howard and the 1982 movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

According to The Hollywood Reporter (via Atomic Comics), 41-year-old Roland Kickinger (pictured) will play the iconic Cimmerian strongman.

If this scenario sounds familiar, it should: Schwarzenegger was also bodybuilder from Austria, and the film was his big break into Hollywood. But will the new millennium’s Conan also go on to marry a Kennedy and govern California?

terminatorIt gets weirder. Kickinger has still more connections to Schwarzenegger beyond his profession and heritage: He played a cyborg in the recent Terminator Salvation and even portrayed a young Ah-nold in an A&E biopic.

Stick with what works, I suppose.

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