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Welcome Japan’s answer to Beowulf.

While American audiences were blown away by last year’s epic CG gem Beowulf, Japanese animators have created their own visual masterpiece with Appleseed: Ex Machina, an action-packed, techno-driven, sci-fi thriller. Appleseed: Ex Machina, the sequel to 2004’s Appleseed, breaks new ground with its next-gen, computer-generated animation and ramps up the stylish action with the help of producer John Woo.

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The film, directed by Shinji Aramaki, is the second in a planned trilogy based on the hit cyber-punk manga Appleseed from creator Shirow Masamune. Back in 2004 when Appleseed was released, it was touted as the first feature-length totally CG anime movie ever made. It was a beautifully rendered film that brought anime to life without loosing the visual style and storytelling techniques of traditional hand-drawn anime. I can’t think of any other film, besides 2005’s Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, that has done this with such success. Appleseed: Ex Machina not only raises the bar on impressive visuals (it’s crazy how much better it looks than the first film), but offers viewers a juicier story and improved character development, especially between Deunan (human) and Briareos (cyborg) who are partners in an elite swat team and lovers. For this reason and many more, Appleseed: Ex Machina is a must own for fans of anime and/or any kind of animation.

appleseed.bluraySo here’s where I pimp the high-definition format. The DVD and Blu-Ray versions of the movie were released on March 11, and the HD-DVD version will be relased on April 1. If you’re not watching this movie in HD you are missing out. Much like seeing Beowulf on HD-DVD, Appleseed: Ex Machina on Blu-Ray was simply the best quality picture I have ever seen. If you don’t know it already, some high definition discs dissapoint. Sometimes the image is grainy or the blacks aren’t dark enough. This was not a problem with either of these CG movies in their HD format. In fact, they are (to steal from the dying HD-DVD’s slogan) “the look and sound of perfect.”

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