Big Finish Doctor Who Short Trips Decline of the Ancient Mariner

EXCLUSIVE: Big Finish’s Doctor Who Short Trips ‘Decline of the Ancient Mariner’ cover revealed!

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Doctor Who Short Trips Series 10 in 2020

The Doctor Who Short Trips range of audio stories will continue to be released in 2020 as downloads from Big Finish Productions. Series 10 promises to feature some thrilling adventures for classic Doctor Who companions.

Big Finish has granted Nerdvana the exclusive honor of revealing the cover artwork for one of these episodes, “Decline of the Ancient Mariner,” which is sure to be a big hit with fans of both NASA and early to mid-’70s Doctor Who:

Big Finish Doctor Who Short Trips Decline of the Ancient Mariner
Big Finish Doctor Who Short Trips “Decline of the Ancient Mariner”

Decline of the Ancient Mariner

Releasing March 2020, performed by Mark Reynolds (The Man from Venus), written by Rob Nisbet

When NASA has a problem they can’t quite understand, they quickly turn to the Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith to investigate. Their Mariner 10 probe disappeared for 30 minutes, with no apparent explanation. What starts out as quick investigation ends up having catastrophic consequences for the time travellers.

But the reason for the probe’s disappearance sounds a little too familiar for the Doctor.

Other episodes from Doctor Who Short Trips Series 10:

Deleted Scenes

Releasing February 2020, performed by Frazer Hines, written by Angus Dunican

For all that Jamie has seen and done in his travels, nothing quite prepared him for the magic of being a film star.

During a Parisian holiday in 1908, he and The Doctor are taken in by film director Céline Tessier and soon find themselves immersed in the world of the silver screen.

However, Jamie will discover that – in show business – where there is delight, one must also expect one’s share of tragedy.

Dead Woman Walking

Releasing April 2020, performed by Sophie Aldred, written by Roland Moore

The Doctor’s meddling has taken a tremendous emotional toll on Ace over their many adventures. However, this time, it may just cost her life.

Landing in the middle of a civil war, the Doctor hoped to discreetly meddle and then slip anyway unnoticed. Instead, he’s managed to infect Ace with an organic bomb. A bomb with a most unusual trigger.

If Ace dies, so does the planet.

“One of the joys of working on the Short Trips range is the chance to work with such fantastic actors from across all of Doctor Who,” said producer Alfie Shaw. “There is nothing quite like spending a day in studio with some of your childhood heroes on a show that you love. You really do fall in love with the show all over again!

“We’ve got some great stories lined up for 2020. We start with Katy reuniting Jo with the 11th Doctor for a groundhog day style treat, then Frazer will break everyone’s hearts in a love-letter to French Cinema, followed by Sophie captivating you with the tale of a tricky ethical dilemma, then Jake will astound you in the world’s most compact multi-Doctor story and finally, I’m very pleased to welcome Mark into the Doctor Who family in a space adventure inspired by real-life events. All of that and not even half the year done.”

Doctor Who Short Trips Series 10 is available to pre-order now from Big Finish.

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