‘Zelda’ turns 25

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How in the overworld did I miss this? Today, or what remains of it, is the 25th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda.

This explains much.

Sunday, while wandering ye olde hippie flea market that is the Arizona Renaissance Festival, I was inexplicably drawn to some cheesy clay rune pendants that represented “Wisdom,” “Courage” and “Power.” AND I kept spotting a comely fair-haired lad dressed in Link’s elfin garb, save that it was blue (which must mean either that he had obtained the Blue Ring, was going as a Link from the multiplayer Four Swords Adventures or was trying to be ironic and was, in fact, supposed to be a hyperlink).

Few long-lived video game franchises have been reinvented as often, and as successfully, as the Zelda games. And with a faithful following, a Shigeru Miyamoto pedigree and a new edition on the horizon (but still no movie), the future of Hyrule is as bright as ever.

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