Princess Zelda comes out of the dungeon in ‘Spirit Tracks’

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link_zelda_spirttracksIn the popular Legend of Zelda video game series from Nintendo, Princess Zelda has always been some variation of the typical damsel in distress, and young hero Link has always been her savior.

That’s all about to change in the new entry for the DS and DSi handheld systems. Zelda is coming out of the dungeon and joining the adventure for the first time.

From Nintendo:

For the first time in the 23-year history of The Legend of Zelda series, the princess is leaving the villainous clutches of the underworld behind and joining the adventure with Link. In The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, the spirit of Zelda accompanies Link on his quest to save Hyrule.

Directly impacting game play like never before, Zelda’s spirit can take control of hulking suits of armor known as Phantoms, allowing the player to direct both Link and these new allies as they battle enemies, solve puzzles and uncover secrets. Zelda also rides alongside Link on his customizable train, offering wisdom that will help players find new areas, storylines and items. The team of Link and Zelda presents countless new storyline details for fans to enjoy, including a closer look at Princess Zelda herself, one of the most iconic video game characters of all-time.

“More than two decades into its rich history, The Legend of Zelda has introduced another historic first for players as Link and Zelda unite to save Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks,” said Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. “Combining these unprecedented new story and game-play elements with the series’ innovative touch-screen interface on Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi, the game is sure to surprise and delight new and longtime fans.”

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks launches in North America on Dec. 7. For more information, visit

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