You sank my battlestreet!

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The new Battleship movie hits theaters on May 18 and it is currently looking like a cross between Independence Day and Battle Los Angeles, with some Transformers-style action thrown in as well. The film will star Taylor Kitsch (John Carter), Liam Neeson (Batman Begins) and sultry songstress Rihanna battling an alien invasion known as “The Regents.”

I’m not sure what the old Hasbro strategy game has to do with an alien invasion, but I do know that the film’s new online promotional toy is awesome fun! Battleship’s allows you to input any street address and rain Regent terror down upon that location. Check out the images below to see the devastation I caused in downtown Mesa. This might be the greatest online promotional gimmick ever!

Shred your streetShred your streetShred your streetShred your streetShred your street 

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