You can smell like Xbox with these new body care products

You can smell like Xbox with these new body care products

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By Caitlynn McDaniel

PHOENIX – Not only can you play Xbox but you can smell like it too. 

Microsoft teamed up with Lynx, which is the name for Axe outside of the U.S., to create an entire line of Xbox body care products. This includes body wash, shower gel and deodorant. 

Now gamers can “power up” with these new additions to their shower routine before the head out the door. 

The description of the product is as follows: 

“Lynx Xbox is a fresh scent of pulsing green citrus, featuring top notes of kaffir lime and winter lemon, aromatic herbal middle notes of mint and sage, and woody bottom notes of patchouli and clearwood. Containing a range of natural essential oils, the Xbox Lynx range comes with a sleek new look and features a body spray, deodorant, and shower gel.”

Not exactly what I was thinking when I heard Xbox had a smell, but it does sound delicious. 

Unfortunately for us, it is launching in July but will only be found in grocery stores in New Zealand and Australia. There is no word yet on if the product will come to the U.S. 

Seamus Blackley, the creator of Xbox, had this to say about the news on Twitter: CW6 KASW

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