Xbox declares war on ‘CoD’ exploiters

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After their recent swing of the ban hammer, Microsoft is threatening to use it again on those who are misbehaving in the megahit shooter, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. With the millions of gamers playing, it’s inevitable that some unfair tactics will pop up. One of the most recent abuses of game mechanics involves the player turning themselves into a human bomb and taking out large numbers of opposing players. Since players are rewarded for enemy kills and not penalized for dying themselves, the so-called ‘Javelin Exploit’ is a popular and lucrative way for the less-than-ethical to rack up big chunks of experience points and kills.

However, the Xbox moderators are taking a firm stand on the issue. Despite the fact that technically it’s not cheating, players caught kamikazi’ing are subject to bans ranging from 24 hours to a permanent removal. These bans aren’t just from CoD:MW2, but from the entirety of Xbox LIVE. It’s nice to see Microsoft taking a proactive stance on the issue. (Curiously enough, Sony isn’t following suit for PS3 players.) Despite the fact this exploit is obviously unfair and completely spoils the balance of the game, there are those taking issue with the bans.

A patch to fix the problem, along with a couple of other less serious issues, is being rushed out by Infinity Ward and should hopefully go live soon.

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