Wii update adds keyboard support

Gaming Technology


Wii users have been clamoring for a keyboard. (Wii users I work with in particular have been clamoring for a better all-around online experience.) Well, if your unit is pulsing blue then that means you probably have a message from Nintendo about the latest firmware update adding USB keyboard support.

Maybe now it won’t take 15 minutes to type out that paragraph on your MySpace blog!

Also updating is the Everybody Votes Channel and the Opera browser (with keyboard support and a better interface). The Opera browser needs a lot of work – let’s hope it comes through. I haven’t used it for months. (If you don’t have it downloaded, don’t bother – it was free when I grabbed it, but that’s not the case anymore. It’s not worth your money.)

You can read more about it at GameDaily BIZ or 1UP.com.

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