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It’s 2019, and you can buy a new Nintendo Wii game: Just Dance 2020

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WiiThe original Wii is the console that just won’t die, at least for so-called “casual gamers.”

It was revealed at E3 that Just Dance 2020 will be available Nov. 5, 2019, for all major consoles. That officially still includes Nintendo’s venerable motion-control system, as well as the newer Switch, plus Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Google’s Stadia system. (Wii U, Xbox 360 and PS3 owners, alas, are out of luck, but the Wii U does have a Wii Channel that will play that version.)

The living room penetration that made the Wii so successful apparently is keeping it in use, and evidently profitable for some publishers, to this day.

The newest installment of Ubisoft’s rhythm game series incorporates tunes from Cardi B, Ariana Grande, Panic! at the Disco and more.

So, grab your Wiimote and … shake it, I guess?

You can pre-order Just Dance 2020 (and support this website via a small referral) here.

Even though the Wii Shop Channel has closed its virtual doors, the venerable console is still alive and kicking …

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