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If knowledge is power in the real world, imagine its worth in a fantasy roleplaying game like Dungeons & Dragons. What paladin, wizard, cleric or rogue worth his salt dare ignores the words of a noted sage?

From this Thursday through Sunday, Oct. 8-11, the professional Dungeon Masters in the D&D R&D department at Wizards of the Coast — many of whom worked to design the current 4th Edition version of the game — will man the phones for a DM Hotline to take questions from questing warriors across the U.S. and Canada.

Simply call toll-free (800) 878-3326 between 2 and 6 p.m. Pacific time. Questions must pertain to 4th Edition, and can cover technical rules quandaries as well as general DMing problems like resolving player disputes or improving the campaign experience for players.

In other D&D news:

  • Wizards recently relaunched its community forums to include more social networking and blogging features.
  • The official D&D website was redesigned.
  • The next Player’s Handbook 3 preview, the Seeker class, was made available exclusively to subscribers of the premium D&D Insider service.

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