What I’m playing: Jan. 1, 2009

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Here’s a look at another game I’m playing via Nintendo’s WiiWare: The Incredible Maze (500 points or $5). I’m not so impressed with this one.

It’s just an update of the old labyrinth board game in which you manipulate the maze to move a steel marble from one end to the other. My family actually has a lot of fun playing this one, but it’s frustrating because of little inconsistencies — for instance, your marble can jump (for some reason), but it seems like there’s no rhyme or reason behind which walls you are allowed to jump over.

I downloaded this title to get more play out of the Balance Board that came bundled with Wii Fit. Here’s the game’s description text:

The Incredible Maze

Wii Ware The Incredible Maze Nintendo Nerdvana Tribune Jayson PetersGet lost in The Incredible Maze! Simply tilt your Wii Remote controller to navigate a series of exciting and twisted mazes. Entering the maze could not be easier, but finding your way out will require a keen eye and a steady hand. Obstacles and traps are around every corner, so move your ball around the maze without falling off the edge. But watch out, there are lots of surprises in store. You can hunt for gems in a timed challenge, or test your abilities in a race against the clock. The Incredible Maze is also compatible with the Wii Balance Board, so you can really put your weight into it. This is the way in, but you’ll have to find your own way out.

Verdict: Overall, I’m not too sorry that I downloaded this title — but I don’t know how much longer it will be taking up precious space on my Wii’s internal memory. Of course, Nintendo already has my money so they don’t care!

Speaking of the Wii’s storage limitations … Japanese users will be able to start downloading purchased software directly to an SD card by this spring, and presumably play games off the cards. Sadly, U.S. gamers, there’s no word yet on when this functionality will hit our shores.

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