What do vegetarian zombies eat?

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Even if you’re not a big fan of video games, there’s a good chance you know about PopCap. They’re the company behind some of computer gaming’s most successful/addicting titles out there, including Bejewled, Peggle, Zuma, Bookworm and many others. I’ve spent many an hour on those, but their most recent effort, Plants vs. Zombies, is simply their best game yet. I have been playing it regularly since it came out over a month ago and I’m still loving it. It’s one of those games you simply can’t put down. It’s always “Just one more level!” Watch the trailer above and the music video and see if the game doesn’t sink its teeth into you.

Like most of their games, the objective is deceptively simple. Zombies enter on the right side of the screen and you must prevent them from reaching your house (and your succulent brain within) on the left side of the screen. Your only means of defense is through a variety of plants you can place on your lawn. Some plants are simple like the Peashooters or Wall-Nut. Others are more nuanced and situational, like the Grave Buster or Marigold. You’ll acquire an arsenal of over 40 different powerful plants, vengeful vegetables and furious flowers. You’ll need every one of them to survive.

As potent as the plants are,  the zombies are more than up to the challenge of assaulting your lawn. Snorkel Zombies, Football Zombies, Bucket Head Zombies and tons of others are all out to chew on your cranium. The zombie designs are some of my favorite parts of this game. If you don’t laugh out loud the first time you see the Dancing Zombie, your sense of humor must be undead as well.

You don’t have to take my word for it. A free demo version is available for download. Once you’ve played that, $19.95 will seem like a small price to pay to continue defending your home from the living challenged. Even better, if you download the game through Valve’s Steam service, it’s a mere $9.99. I would have a hard time thinking of a better game for a cheaper price. (Okay, I can think of one.)

Oh, and vegetarian zombies? They eat GRAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIINS!

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  1. I’ve had my phone for well over two years and Zuma is the only game I’ve ever downloaded for it. It’s all I need.

  2. I’ve had my phone for well over two years and Zuma is the only game I’ve ever downloaded for it. It’s all I need.

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