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Now that Nerdvana is back up and running, I’ve decided to revive the old “Weekend Reading” posts I used to run on Sundays. The only difference is, now they will be posted on Fridays.

It’s just a roundup of interesting links I’ve encountered throughout the week but never got around to blogging about, or just ran out of time. That, or I didn’t really have much to add. (Like that’s ever stopped me before …)

Over the weekend, look for breaking nerd news as appropriate here and on Twitter and Facebook, as well as the “Nerdvana Weekly” feature, which encapsulates all the week’s posts in one convenient digest form. You can also read the best of this blog every Wednesday in the print edition of the East Valley Tribune.

Without further ado …

Comic-Con Countdown: Mattel Exclusives! (Newsarama)

Former East Valley Tribune “Channel Surfing” blogger Albert Ching kicks off his preview of San Diego Comic-Con with a look at Mattel’s limited-edition exclusive collectibles, including Wonder Woman’s invisible jet from Hot Wheels and a color-changing Orko from the Masters of the Universe Classics line. Want!

And here are some other noteworthy dispatches from the Outer Blogosphere:

Here and there ...

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