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Infographic: Inside the Disneyland Matterhorn (on the occasion of its 50th birthday) — Orange County Register, via Cool Infographics

Remembering Michael Jackson as Tomorrowland’s Captain EO Around Disney blog at OCRegister.com (What little I can remember is here.) Plus: Hidden treaures at Disneyland

Same ‘Bat’ channel? io9 has an interesting look at the state of the various Batman comics in the wake of “Batman R.I.P.” and the ensuing “Battle for the Cowl.” Things seem to be settling down … or are they????

traitorboxVamp stamp: What happens when Buffy meets Edward? The shirt will tell: J!NX

Game time: Trying to find time to test out a review copy of Looney Labs’ Are You the Traitor? It’s described as “a deception party game from the makers of Fluxx.” More soon!

Book in hand (or on nightstand): The Legend Of Sigurd And Gudrún by J.R.R. Tolkien and Christopher Tolkien. It’s an epic poem in alliterative work retelling the Norse legend of Sigurd and the fall of the Niflungs.

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