Valve opens the door on ‘Portal 2’

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Surprising absolutely no one, Valve has announced the sequel to the ground-breaking hit video game ‘Portal.’ As a precursor, Valve had been patching in a new achievement and new files to the game containing hidden puzzles and messages. They even added a new ending to the game.

The game is scheduled for release on PCs (and Macs!) and Xbox 360 this holiday season, so details are still a bit slim. One of the more interesting points that have emerged so far is that the game will be much more robust than the original title, which was mostly considered a test of the market. Also, interestingly enough, there will also be a two-player mode this time around.

If you somehow managed to miss the phenomenon that Portal became, spawning T-shirts, Internet memes and countless other tributes, there’s a free demo featuring 11 stages up on Valve’s site.

While I wouldn’t want to be on the team that’s responsible for following up one of the most beloved games in recent memory, I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

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Chris Adams
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