Troubled ‘Stargate’ game shows up on Syfy series premiere

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normal_sgu_101_0367Stargate Worlds may be in limbo as developer Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment struggles with financing, but that didn’t stop the roleplaying game from making an appearance in the Oct. 2 series premiere of Stargage Universe on Syfy.

normal_sgu_101_0379Footage from the game was used in the early part of the episode, as geeky character Eli Wallace (David Blue, pictured) solves a puzzle hidden in the game by Dr. Nicholas Rush (Robert Carlyle), who is looking for a brilliant young mind to unlock the final mystery of the Stargate.

After the Universe pilot aired, reports circulated online that the game’s official website trumpeted the cameo as a sign of life — but since then, the site and its community forums have been offline.

The company and its founder and principal owner, Gary Whiting, were recently sued by investors who claim misuse of company funds. The Mesa company was granted a license by MGM in 2006 to develop an online roleplaying game based on the Stargate film and TV series, but those efforts have repeatedly stalled as the game’s financial backing came into question.

Images: NBC Universal/Syfy, via GateWorld

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