ToyBox review: Horror Pac-Man?

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A newly released game called ToyBox is a 3-D arcade-based collecting horror game available on Gamejolt based off of popular arcade games such as Pac-Man. However, the environment in ToyBox is terrifying and dark. The objective is to collect all of the gems in each level and find the exit without being caught be the hideous monster lurking in the maze, hunting the player down.

ToyBoxGoing into the game, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The name sounded a bit innocent; however, I was pleasantly surprised to see that ToyBox was more menacing and twisted. The 3-D style works well to add to the horror factor. The aura and tone is creepy and devilish, which I believe is exactly what the developer was going for.

A feature that really stood out to me was the music and sounds. The sound effects from the monster was were to send chills down my spine. It gave me a good scare and made me feel unsettled and on the edge of my seat the entire time. The background music was simple but ominous, and really set the mood for the game. It was one of my favorite parts of ToyBox.

My first comparison I would make to Toybox is Pac-Man. They both feature the player collecting objects in a maze-like structure while avoiding an enemy. However, ToyBox has taken this to the next level. Seeing a fresh and new take on a classic game is always refreshing and exciting, especially when it is done right. When combining this style of arcade game with horror, it makes for a thrilling and horrifying adventure.

ToyBoxThe jumpscare is very surprising, but could be worked on a bit. I do not feel that the jumpscare was “in your face” enough, and could be intensified for maximum scares. However, there is always room for improvement and this could easily be worked on and fixed in the future. It is still a new game and in early access, so surely new features and improvements will become available in the near future.

Overall, ToyBox was extraordinary for such a simple concept. It kept me on my toes and entertained for the entire duration, and there was always a new thrill — or monster — around every corner. For an early access game, it has so much potential to become the best it could be.

I would recommend ToyBox to any horror fan or anyone who loves a new take on the classic arcade games such as Pac-Man.

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