All about timing: Revisiting Time Hollow

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Time Hollow is an anime-style adventure game released for the Nintendo DS in 2008. It had elements of adventure, action, and RPG that made for a fun and one-of-a-kind adventure. The game was all about warping time to go back and save the parents of Ethan Kairos, the main character. Finding memories and flashbacks allowed the player to fill in missing pieces of the puzzle to solve the mystery and beat the game.

Why is this game so memorable?

Time Hollow was all about talking to the other characters to fill in pieces to a puzzle. However, it still had lots of action and player interaction when it came to using the “Hollow Pen” to go to the past or present. It had a balanced mix of reading, solving, and interaction that made it an intriguing game.

There is a lot of emotion jam-packed into Time Hollow that settled down the action from time to time and made the player feel something. These tear-jerking moments suited the game very well and made it a memorable and impactful experience. The music and art style fit with the theme as well, from the dramatic action moments to the calm, emotional scenes that made the player stop and reflect.

Meanwhile, there is one enemy in the middle of all of this, and that is Irving. He has a Hollow Pen of his own, and is attempting to stop Ethan’s quest. Having  a main antagonist really sets up an interesting and action-packed plot.

When I played this game through for the first time, I was left feeling so many emotions. It took me on a whirlwind of an adventure that I will never forget. I even played the game a second time through, just to feel that experience all over again. It impacted me in a way that very few games ever have before. The music and atmosphere of each scene helped portray the tone for the game as a whole.

Overall, Time Hollow has positive reviews, having a 7/10 on IGN and a 64 on Metacritic. Many fans loved the game due to its anime style, great storyline, and how the game was “short but sweet.” However, others did have some criticisms for Time Hollow. Some said that it didn’t bring anything new to the gaming scene, that it was repetitive and boring.

I feel that the simplicity of the gameplay worked in its favor and allowed the player to focus on the storyline rather than being too challenged and getting frustrated. I would love to see this game brought on a newer console or even remade. It had that spark and impact that many story-driven games have a difficult time accomplishing. If it were remade for a newer console or PC, I would snatch it up in a heartbeat.

Overall, Time Hollow is a game that one simply cannot miss.

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