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  • whofaceThe new Doctor Who production team may be considering a return to one of the show’s old ways: plastering its star’s face on the iconic and celestial title sequence. It hasn’t been done since the series ended its hibernation in 2005, but it would certainly be one way to shake things up as Matt Smith takes over the title role from David Tennant. At least the rumor is a good sign that Who won’t go the way of so many modern series and truncate or altogether eliminate the title sequence, which is so often an integral part of the viewing experience for fans. (Airlock Alpha)
  • biosensor64The Wii Vitality Sensor peripheral announced at last week’s E3 Expo isn’t as new or groundbreaking a concept as Nintendo would like you to think. Seems it’s been tried before, for Nintendo’s own N64 console — in Japan, anyway. (Wired’s Game | Life blog)
  • leialukeThe Star Trek reboot was obviously a success, but is it too early to even be thinking about a Star Wars remake? Not according to the folks at io9. Their recipe for success: Keep it simple, Lucas. That means no trade disputes or midi-chlorians. And it should be a movie, not a video game. (Although BioWare seems to be doing a better job making a Star Wars movie by concentrating on making a video game in the first place.)

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