There’s a new D&D video game on the way — and a movie, too

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D&D: Daggerdale

Dungeons & Dragons will enter the realm of multiplatform downloadable video games when Daggerdale debuts this spring. The game from Bedlam and Atari will be available for Xbox LIVE, PlayStation Network and PC download, and is described as an action roleplaying game with single-player and four-player coop gameplay.

This follows news of a new online roleplaying game in 2011 based on the classic Neverwinter Nights title and the successful transition of D&D Online to a free-play model.

How quickly things can change: Just a year ago, Atari was being sued by Hasbro, which owns the D&D roleplaying game manufacturer Wizards of the Coast.

D&D movie promotionLights, camera, action!

I’m ashamed that I didn’t already know this, but there’s also a new D&D movie in the works. Filming in Eastern Europe and Louisiana, it’s called Book of Vile Darkness and if you act before New Year’s Day, you can create a character and play that character in a walk-on role for an epic battle scene.

Previous attempts to turn the iconic RPG into a film franchise haven’t met with much success, so I won’t hold out much hope for this installment. But it has to be better than 2000’s Dungeons & Dragons — even 2005’s Sci-Fi Channel television presentation Wrath of the Dragon God managed to achieve that heroic feat.

Critical fumble?

In other Wizards of the Coast news, a former employer of the Washington state company has been charged with stealing more than $45,000 in rare Magic: The Gathering cards from a secure storage locker.

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