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As a promo for their upcoming third season (starting August 25), the stars of the comedy web series “The Guild” have released a music video ““Do You Wanna Date My Avatar.” The song praises the perks of online in-game romance.

“The Guild” series follows a group of guildmates and dysfunctional almost-friends as they struggle through the highs-and-lows of their real lives and their lives in an online role-playing game. Though the game is never named, it’s clearly based on World of Warcraft (cast members are appearing at this week’s Blizzcon). The short episodes are a scarily accurate portrayal of the life of a hardcore WoW player. Like so many things, the series is funny because it’s so true. The characters are exaggerated for comedic effect, but not nearly as much as one might imagine.

It’s obvious that writer and star of the series, Felicia Day (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog) has logged many an hour doing her research.

During my long, dark addiction to the game, I met players who could stand in for every member of “The Guild.”

  • Codex: The insecure one, she plays a healer because she knows it ensures that she’ll always be invited to groups and never be left out.
  • Vork: The anal-retentive guild leader, a guy who can’t even relax while playing a game. His every waking moment is spent trying to whip the group into shape.
  • Bladzz: The immature jerk that no one really likes, but is kept around because he’s a good player.
  • Tinkerballa: The opposite of Bladzz, people like her, but she’s doesn’t care, she’s only there to pile up epic loot for her character.
  • Zaboo: The hapless goof in real life, but a master in-game. No one wants to hang out with him, but everyone wants to play alongside him.
  • Clara: The super-sweet person who loves her in-game friends more than anyone she knows in real life.

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