A trip to a new dimension: Tattletail ‘Kaleidoscope’ expansion

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Tattletail expansionIt has been a long time, but Tattletail has had a major update once again.

Tattletail is an adventure horror game available on Steam for the PC that follows the adventures of a child and the latest and greatest toy, the Talking Tattletail. But now, things have gotten even better with the “Kaleidoscope” expansion.

This expansion is available once the player completes the five nights in the main game. This expansion opens more room for discussion when it comes to lore and leaves more questions for fans to answer. In this expansion, the player must start on Christmas Day and work their way back to fix the corrupted memories from the main game.

During each night in the Kaleidoscope expansion, mysterious notes are left that guides the player in what to do for each night. However, it is not clear who is writing these notes. Some have theorized that is it Tattetail. In these corrupted memories in this update, Mama, the main villain in the game, seems to be friendly and nice. That could leave players to believe that Mama is actually the good guy while the Talking Tattletails are the evil ones.

Tattletail Kaleidoscope expansionI feel that this expansion made Tattletail even better than it was previously. Mama’s jumpscare is even more intense and scary, which was something I was really looking for in the main game. The graphics are still beautiful and the animations are smooth, which is a plus. There are new lines that Tattletail says, and it adds to the fear factor that this game is known for.

In order to fix the corrupted memories, the player must enter a dimension called the Kaleidoscope. The look of this area is absolutely stunning — far different from what anyone expected, which is what makes it so great. I feel that this update is exactly what Tattletail needed in order to make it even better.

Overall, the Kaleidoscope expansion was a great addition to the main game. Although it left more questions that could possibly lead into a second Tattletail game, it was exactly what the game needed to truly boost it to the next level. I am looking forward to see what happens in the future for Tattletail.

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