Exploring the depths of Subnautica’s Infected update

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Subnautica is an adventure game for the PC available on Steam that takes place underwater on an alien planet. The player’s mission is to survive in this foreign world and to discover and explore new biomes along the way. The game is still in early access; however, a recent update has released called the Infected Update.

This update includes a new infection or disease that lives in the waters of this alien world that could affect the player and the wildlife. However, there is a self-scanning feature that allows the player to monitor themselves to make sure they are not disease-ridden. There will also be a new Disease Research Facility to discover in this update.

Subnautica's Infected updateAlong with this part of the update is a new lab in the Lost River for the player to explore. This structure has been there for quite some time; however, it is now accessible for the first time in this update. Perhaps this now accessible building can lead into a bit more story of the game and answer more of the mysteries that Subnautica has given us.

There is also an entirely new biome being added in this update, which is the Crag Field. We are warned to be careful for bone sharks in this new environment. This biome is being placed where there was previously empty space in the game.

A few minor updates that are coming along as well are an improved map room, being able to drag and drop items into the PDA, which is similar to the player’s inventory, and new geographical features being implemented into more empty areas of the game.

Subnautica's Infected updateA hint to the next update was also shown on the Subnautica update page, and it says that the “exterior of a new feature has been added somewhere in the world.” It also says we will have to wait a bit to see what this new area will have is store for us. This new exterior feature it is talking about is presumed to be the Primary Containment Facility.

Subnautica has always been a game with frequent updates and something new at every turn, and that is still true with this new update. There is a lot to look forward to for players of the game, as this new update will add a whole new function to the game since the player will now have to worry about being infected. Whatever happens with the next update coming, it is sure to be intriguing. Subnautica always has something new around every corner, and for anyone who loves adventure with an underlying tone of horror, then this game is the one to try and keep up with.


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