Dude, where’s my card? ‘Stoner Fluxx’ coming back into print

A game of Fluxx

The creators of the ever-changing card game Fluxx are expanding into hazy territory.

Fully Baked Ideas, a new imprint of the family friendly games company Looney Labs, will publish an updated edition of the once controversial and now out-of-print Stoner Fluxx. The new company’s official site promises that 5 percent of the proceeds from the game’s sale will be donated to organizations that actively support the end of marijuana prohibition in the United States.

Other editions of the game published by Looney include Zombie Fluxx, Monty Python Fluxx and the recently released Martian Fluxx. All versions of the game feature the same basic mechanic: Each card played can change the rules or goal of the game, making sure it’s a different experience every time.

Looney explains that a spin-off brand was necessary “to make sure children are not accidentally exposed to adult themes on our family games web site.” Fully Baked’s new edition of Stoner Fluxx will be followed at some point by the recently announced Drinking Fluxx.

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