Is Mesa company’s ‘Stargate’ game back on track?

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Mesa-based Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment seems to be seeing better days. The developer of the online roleplaying game Stargate Worlds has reportedly secured the funding it needs to finish work on the project, which is based on a hit movie and TV series, and is on its way to repaying its vendors and employees.

Cheyenne Mountain exec Shane Hensley told

quotemarks“Things are actually very good here right now. We received some funding commitments that will provide financing over time and allow us to move forward with development and start catching up on our past due financial obligations, including some back payroll that we paid last week.”

In mid-August, the company’s statements took a more pessimistic tone, with CEO Tim Jenson telling the official Stargate Worlds online forum that his company has not managed to secure funding for the online roleplaying game. A report that surfaced in July suggested that if funding wasn’t secured by Aug.1, MGM Studios would pull the license that allows Cheyenne and its publisher, FireSky, to produce content based on the Stargate properties. So far, there is no official word that such a move is imminent.

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