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sgwlogoJust over a week ago word emerged that the Arizona publisher of Stargate Worlds had until Aug. 1 to secure funding to finish the delayed game or MGM would yank the company’s license to produce an online RPG based on the Stargate feature film and TV series.

Now (Aug. 5) we have Shane Hensley, an executive with Mesa-based FireSky, chiming in on the game’s official message boards, saying he believes a “significant portion of the funds have been raised” and thanking fans for their support:


Hi all–quick update. A lot of people are on leave right now (including myself) but the guys showing the game to investors and upper management are all there trying daily to get us re-started.

My understanding is a significant portion of the funds have been raised, but it’s one of those situations where everyone involved (us and the investors) want to make sure there’s enough to cover all our needs. To be clear, let’s say we need X million. If someone puts in $100,000 right now, that’s great and much appreciated, but it doesn’t get the game shipped and that investor would lose his money if the rest isn’t raised in the long-term.

Needless to say, every single investor does substantial due diligence due to the delay of the game and negative press we’ve received. A significant number *have* pledged money on completion of their research into our books, however, so I find that very encouraging.

Otherwise, it’s an ongoing process and there just won’t be much news until then, but the day we return to full operations I’ll let everyone know. In the meantime, thanks very much for your support and well-wishes.

Via ZAM News

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