‘Stargate’ video game director speaks out

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A website devoted to saving the troubled Stargate online games Resistance and Worlds has published a two-part interview with creative director and studio head Jim Brown on the struggles and possible future of the projects.

In November, the Arizona company Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment lost the license to make games based on MGM’s Stargate movie and TV franchise, and the online combat game Resistance is no longer being sold and is due to shut down Jan. 15.

In the interviews (published in a Q&A format, and for some reason in PDF form, here and here) Brown talks about the genesis of Stargate Worlds, the Mesa company’s ongoing funding struggles, the complexities of marketing and receivership and just how close the long-planned MMORPG Stargate Worlds was to being released. He also addresses fan campaigns to save the project and expresses hope that MGM will work with them to keep it alive in some form.

Via Joystiq/Massively

Note: SaveStargate.org seems to be having problems staying online, so the Q&A transcript PDFs can also be read here and here.

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