‘Stargate’ shooter changes hands again

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A new company says it has entered an agreement with Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment subsidiary FireSky to assume development and expansion of the company’s third-person shooter, Stargate Resistance.

Gamasutra reports that Dark Comet Games LLC is made up of “original developers of Stargate Resistance.” Firesky says it retains the license to produce games based on MGM Studios’ Stargate TV properties and “remains committed to the project.”

In February, Mesa-based Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment filed for bankruptcy just days after releasing Resistance in lieu of the long-delayed online roleplaying game Stargate Worlds. Around the same time, the company announced it had fired chairman and CEO Gary Whiting and accused him of wrongdoing against the company. Also, Fresh Start Studios was formed by former CME shareholders to maintain Resistance — the only game Cheyenne ever got to market.

A purported press release at the Stargate Worlds game forums says that Dark Comet plans a “new television and web ad campaign beginning April 30, 2010” to market the game. It also mentions “a new map with two game play styles, new character models, weapons, achievements and features in the coming weeks.”

A bit more from the Gamasutra story:

It’s unclear what, if any, affiliation Dark Comet has with the previously-revealed Fresh Start Studios, or whether the founders of Dark Comet remain affiliated with Cheyenne Mountain.

The saga continues…

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