MGM license gone, ‘Stargate Resistance’ game to go dark in January

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Stargate Resistance

The online action game Stargate Resistance will be shut down in January as a result of the recent expiration of a license to produce video games based on MGM Studios’ sci-fi feature film and television franchise.

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The announcement, dated Nov. 16 on the Dark Comet Games website, immediately ends sales of Resistance to new customers and gives existing customers until Jan. 15 to make use of the game:

Dear Valued Customer, On November 16, 2010, the License Agreement between Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment, Inc. and MGM Interactive, Inc. expired.  As a result, Cheyenne will no longer be able to offer Stargate Resistance for sale to new customers.  However, in the best interests of our customers, game play will be provided for a period of 60 days (until January 15, 2011) to customers who purchased Stargate Resistance prior to November 16, 2010.  Look for more information as it becomes available.

A Maricopa County Superior Court judge recently ended a bitter dispute for control of the game, as well as the unfinished online roleplaying game Stargate Worlds, between the bankrupt Mesa-based developer Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment and a group of its former employees and investors doing business as Dark Comet Games. Judge Edward Burke approved a settlement that gave control of the assets to Cheyenne Mountain’s receiver — but MGM terminated the license it granted in 2006 for the Arizona company to produce video games based on the Stargate series.

After years of delays and funding problems with Stargate Worlds, Cheyenne Mountain surprised gamers in February by launching a third-person shooter — Resistance — as an online-only product. But days later, the company sought Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, and Dark Comet emerged with Fresh Start Studios to run the game. Several updates were released before the recent shutdown notice.

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