‘Stargate’ producer dials in on MMO troubles

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Is the second attempt to field a computer game based on the hugely successful Stargate saga about to fall flat?

In an interview with the unofficial fansite GateWorld, Stargate executive producer Brad Wright discusses the delays faced by Stargate Worlds, a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game from Mesa-based Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment.

“We don’t know. It’s a shame. If it doesn’t happen — and, let’s be honest, it should be happening now if it was happening. It’s a shame. It’s a terrible shame.”

Wright, along with co-executive producer Robert C. Cooper, was involved in the game as a creative consultant.

Last month, sci-fi news site Airlock Alpha reported that Cheyenne Mountain was not only having trouble paying its employees, but also was now being sued for unpaid accounts.

The feature film Stargate debuted as a blockbuster in 1994, and spawned two TV spinoffs that have had impressive runs: Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. With a third, Stargate Universe, set to debut this fall on Syfy, it seems that the launch window for a video game based on the franchise is once again closing rapidly. Will there be another?

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