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Atari and Cryptic Studios have revealed the pricing structure for their MMORPG Star Trek Online, which sets sail Feb. 2.

The game, which sells for $49.99 at its most basic and $79.99 in a deluxe collector’s edition, includes 30 days of play time. (And here are the system requirements for the computer you’ll need before you can even think about playing the game.)

Beyond that, here’s what you’re looking at spending to explore the Final Frontier:

1-Month Recurring 14.99 16.49 8.99 12.99 82.45
3-Month Recurring 41.97 46.17 25.17 35.97 230.84
6-Month Recurring 77.94 85.73 46.14 65.94 428.67

For $239.99, you can play for life without being billed ever again, plus have the option to play a liberated Borg character and have two additional character slots.

Star Trek Online’s open beta phase began this week and continues through Jan. 26.

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