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evilspockAh, canon. It can be such a tricky thing in a genre that takes itself so seriously. Take this update on the official Web site for the upcoming online roleplaying game Star Trek Online:

You may be curious to know how the new Star Trek movie affects Star Trek Online. Wonder no further, as we’ve put together a handy-dandy graphical timeline for your perusal. Also included is a written explanation that explains exactly how the movie and STO can coexist. Give it a look here.

Basically, Star Trek Online was in production before the recent Star Trek feature film, and now game developer Cryptic/Infogrames/Atari is in the position of having to make their futuristic universe make sense when viewed in context of the galaxy-shaking events of the movie. When this happens, whether in film, comics, novels, games, what-have-you, the resolution usually involves a major cop-out, or things become so complicated as to make one wonder how anyone is supposed to have any fun anymore.Hence, the STO folks’ written explanation mentioned above:

So how can the movie and STO be in different realities? When working on Star Trek, screenwriters Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman referenced the theory of quantum mechanics, which allows for the simultaneous existence of parallel timelines and universes. Parallel universes are self-contained, separate realities that exist as a consequence of different choices and outcomes. This concept was explored in the TNG episode “Parallels,” in which there were thousands of alternate timelines (and thousands of Enterprises!). It also is seen in the Mirror Universe, which is a darker take on the world of the Federation.

There are many, many stories to tell in the prime universe. The fallout of the destruction of Romulus and the upheaval that causes in the Alpha and Beta quadrants creates storytelling opportunities that we at Cryptic didn’t even imagine when we first began working on STO. We’re excited by the possibilities, and fans should be as well. The best is yet to come.

Somebody please stop the multiverse — I wanna get off!

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