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Star Trek Online NX91001

Star Trek has always been about peace and exploration — but that doesn’t always translate into fun computer games. Perhaps that’s why the background timeline from the development team of Star Trek Online sounds so bellicose. Cryptic Studios has been releasing periodic historical narratives intended to bridge the generation gap between the last film in the franchise, Star Trek Nemesis, and the upcoming MMORPG.

The latest log entry shows a dangerously divided and unstable Romulan Empire, a growing conflict between the warlike Klingons and the reptilian Gorn and continuing efforts by the Federation and its allies to recover after the devastating Dominion War.

Many other details here and in previous timeline updates — such as the long-awaited acceptance of Bajor into the Federation, Romulan unrest and a growing Borg threat — seem to simply summarize stories in Pocket Books’ line of Star Trek-related novels. [Read more]

On Christmas, Cryptic released the first in-game details from Star Trek Online, detailing the starship NX-91001 (whose name many observers have speculated may tease a potential release date for the game of Oct. 1, 2009).


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