Transform and roll out! Splatoon gets Autobots vs. Decepticons event

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Transform (into a squid) and roll out (with a Krak-On Splat Roller): Nintendo has hosted several “Splatfest” events in Splatoon — Cats versus Dogs, Marshmallows versus Hot Dogs — but now they’re partnering with Hasbro to bring a branded theme experience to the next event Aug. 28: Autobots versus Decepticons!

The 24-hour Splatfest starts 9 p.m. Pacific on Aug. 28. Participants must choose a team and then they get a Decepticon or Autobot virtual T-shirt for their Inkling character to wear for the duration. In addition to Miiverse bragging rights, players can earn special sea snails that they can exchange for extra power-up slots on their gear or re-roll gear abilities, by visiting the shady guy Spyke in the alley (seriously).

If you haven’t tried Splatoon, you’ll want to download the demo from Nintendo’s eShop and check out the free “global testfire” event Aug. 21-23.

Splatfest isn’t on out-and-out battle royale — the final score is usually determined by factoring win percentages into the team popularity contest. Choose your team affiliation carefully, however, because once selected it cannot be changed — and always remember …

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