Soon, say sayonara to Splatfests …

All good things must come to an end … but, must they?

The Splatfest events have been a highlight of Nintendo’s squid-kid shooter since Splatoon first debuted on the Wii U. It’s a great way to compete against other Inklings, see creative us-versus-them fan-art posts and earn a little exclusive in-game merch. The very last such event on that system even had implications for the story of Splatoon 2 when the sequel came out for the Switch.

Now Splatoon 2’s update cycle is coming to an end, and with it also apparently the end of Splatfests again. The U.S. got its penultimate Splatfest June 14-15 — Unicorn versus Narwhal (Unicorn, duh!). As for the grand finale, Nintendo has previously said the Splatfests would run up until July of this year.

Now, comes word that the final Splatfest, Order versus Chaos, will start July 18 and run for 72 hours.

While it’s a shame the Splatfests appear to be ending, it’s also understandable. A lot of resources must go into coordinating a live, open e-sports event like that, not to mention coming up with interesting team matchups and rewards, which have always been kind of basic (Super Sea Snails, used to upgrade your in-game gear, which can also be obtained by leveling up).

Maybe we’ll get lucky and there will be occasional special Splatfest weekends in the future anyway, or maybe this means Splatoon 3 isn’t out of the question. Either way, maybe it’s time to get more serious about local multiplayer and that single-player campaign I’ve been neglecting …

Here and there ...

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